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Brad Will, Presente!

by source: ((i)) - 30.10.2006 23:37

On October 27th, several people were injured and killed in Oaxaca. Among them indymedia journalist and cameraman Will Bradley Roland.

Mex. Embassy, New York, Oct. 30. 2006
Mex. Embassy, New York, Oct. 30. 2006

On October 30th, there was a solidarity protest at the Mexican embassy in New York.

Indymedia New York City zum Mord an einem Indymedia-Aktivisten in Oaxaca:




Photos and Texts / Fotos y Textos
source: ((i)) 31.10.2006 18:19

Fotos en memoria de Brad:

independent news coverage from Oaxaca, English

* October 28: Federal Armed Forces begin asalt on Oaxaca
* English translation of timeline Oct 29
* global feature
* NYC Indymedia volunteer Brad Will killed in attack by Paramilitaries in Oaxaca
* Brad Will, New York Documentary Filmmaker and Indymedia Reporter, Assassinated by Pro-Government Gunshot in Oaxaca While Reporting the Story. Photographer Oswaldo Ramirez of the Daily Milenio Wounded in Attack by Shooters for Ulises Ruiz Ortiz in Santa Lucia El Camino. By Al Giordano
* NYC indymedia journalist was killed by police or paramilitaries according to locals; oaxacans remain under violent siege

noticias independientes de Oaxaca, en espanol

* Arde Oaxaca: 4 muertos más
* Muertos, Heridos, Desaparecidos y Hospitalizados por huelga de hambre confirmados list of dead, wounded and disappeared
* timeline oct 29

unabhänige Nachrichten aus Oaxaca, auf deutsch


Actions / Vigils

* a listing of the embassy actions
* Actions in Solidarity with Oaxaca
* Listing of Mexican Consulates in the U.S. & Canada
* Electronic Blockade of Mexican Embassy and Consulate Websites

* Demonstrations in the US on Monday, October 30th

* Wellington demo in solidarity with people of Oaxaca
* New York City Mexican embassy
* NYC pictures
* nyc video
* vigil in Tucson, Arizona
* Mexican Embassy, Brazil
* SF Pictures
* SF
* 29 Oct 06, NY. Brad Will: Surveillance Camera Players' performance
* 28 Oct 06, Sao Paolo, Graffity at Mexican Embassy
* Santiago de Chile Oct 28
* Vancouver Oct 28
* Milano Oct 29 picture
* Madrid, picture
* Barcelona, Oct 29, picture
* Barcelona, Oct 30, occupation of mex. embassy garden, picture
* London, Oct 30, ca 100 pp at mex. embassy, screening interrupted by police.
* London pictures
* Paris
* Berlin oct 30
* Madrid
* Philadelphia
* Sacramento
* Mexico City
* Portland
* Zurich

Calls for actions

* list of planned actions in the US
* International Call by Liga mexicana por la defensa de los derechos humanos for Oct 30, 18:00 at mexican embassies
* Berlin, nov 1st
* San francisco oct 31
* Sao Paolo oct 31 1pm
* Sacramento oct 28 5pm
* Oaxaca and Ciudad de Mexico Oct 29
* Montreal oct 31
* (electronic blockade of mexican embassies)
* London, Oct 30, demo and screening at mexican embassy

Calls for support /Statements of Solidarity / Press releases
* Communiqué du RSF (portuguese translation)
* Communique from Mexican Independent Media concerning Oaxaca
* Comunicado de la Red de Medios Libres de Comunicación
* Desde Bolivia: Solidaridad urgente con el pueblo de Oaxaca-México
* Comunicado de la Comisión de Prensa y Propaganda de la APPO
* Comunicado de prensa "Huelga de hambre frente al Hemiciclo a Juarez"
* Boletin de Prensa - Oaxaca oct 28 by Liga mexicana por la defensa de los derechos humanos
* Planteamiento de solidaridad con el pueblo de Oaxaca-México
* appeal for solidarity from ya basta! lausanne
* Aotearoa IMC Statement on the situation in Oaxaca, Mexico
* Statement by Swiss media workers union

Personal texts and reports
* Henrique Parra, Brasil. Including two photos of Brad
* Pablo Ortellado, Brasil
* Salaud
* Lloyd Hart
* Gumby Cascadia
* David Rovics
* Bombs&Shields
* Eyewitness Report from Oaxaca!
* The New York City Independent Media Center Responds to the Death of Brad Will
* Silvio Rodriguez
* Democracy Now with archival footage of Brad Will
* Democracy Now: Friends Remember Indymedia Journalist and Activist Killed in Oaxaca

Material by or of Brad
* Audio: "Death in Oaxaca" by Brad Will - read aloud by Onto
* Brad Will & The 5th St. Squat Eviction (From The Shadow--Feb. 1997)
* Brad Will In His Own Words: Archival Footage of Slain Journalist and Activist Discussing the Importance of Community Media and the Struggle Against NYC Demolition of a Lower East Side Squat

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* APPO: - de | en | es | eu | fr

* - Oaxata city map
* - bigger Oaxata city map
* Oaxata satellite wikimap
* Oaxata city map with demonstration route

Information in different languages


* Un cameraman d’Indymedia tué et un photographe blessé par balles lors d’une fusillade à Oaxaca

commercial media

* Yahoo Image Gallery Oaxaca


* CNN: Mexico shootouts kill journalist
* Houston Chronicle: VIOLENCE IN OAXACA U.S. journalist slain in Mexico. He was caught in middle of clash between protesters, masked gunmen loyal to governor.
* AP: NYC journalist killed in Mexico shootout
* AFP: US cameraman, Mexican teacher shot dead in Oaxaca
* Riot police advance on Mexico's violent Oaxaca