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Rossport: Shell to Sea!

by source: shell to sea - 18.03.2007 17:13

Shell and Statoil, with the approval of the Irish government, are planning to build a high pressure gas pipeline in County Mayo, Ireland, taking land from local residents.

The pipeline will be going through boggy land with a history of landslides.

Shell and Statoil are planning to...

Construct a gas refinery on unstable bog:

This construction will be using previously untried methods to stabilise the bog surface and involve a massive amount of traffic. Emissions from the refinery will affect the nearby Carrowmore Lake, source of the regional water supply.

Pump toxic waste into Broadhaven Bay:

A research team found that Broadhaven Bay was an important breading and rearing area for dolphins and whales. They recorded over 220 sightings of seven whale and dolphin species, plus sightings of two seal species, in Broadhaven Bay and north-west Mayo waters.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

Solidarity camp in August 2005 camp:

Meanwhile, a protest against water privatisation in Belfast:

In Belfast the government is beginning the privatisation of water. Water charges are due to be introduced in April 2007. A mass nonpayment campaign has taken shape. Trade Unions and activists are part of the campaign as well as a growing contingent of non-political neighborhood people who just hate the idea of paying an 300-800 Irish Pounds water bill.