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Feminist Perspectives on Migration and Trade

by WLOE - 16.05.2007 19:44

Satellite event before the international G8 Alternative Summit

June 5th, 2007
13.00 - 15.00 (1 - 3 p.m.).

A workshop organized by Women and Life on Earth e.V. (WLOE) and others
tent in front of FRIEDA 23, Friedrichstr. 23 in 18057 Rostock
(tram stop: Doberaner Platz)

A workshop committed to an organizing framework for action.

With Jean Grossholtz, Anna Gyorgy, Nicola Bullard, Christa Wichterich, Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen, and hopefully Gigi Francisco, as well as many others.

Feminist Perspectives and Action on Migration and Global Trade
A workshop organized by Women and Life on Earth e.V., Germany

The linkage between migration and global trade is increasingly clear. People are forced to migrate as a result of IMF, World Bank and WTO policies.

Agricultural supports and subsidies in G8 countries have had devastating impacts on farmers of the global south who cannot meet the subsidized world prices. Especially young men and women try to migrate to richer countries in search of survival. Entire communities feel the effects, personally and economically.

Attempts to deal with this massive displacement of people as an
immigration issue on a national basis are doomed to failure, as the
causes and consequences of migration are ignored. The USA and European
governments respond with militarized borders, mass deportations, raids
on factories, and track people down like animals. These inhuman,
repressive reactions must end.

Women are affected by migration in many ways. In this workshop we want
to invite women from many countries to confront together the meaning of borders in this global economy. How can we protect labor and human
rights in the face of limited sovereignty? Our goal is to exchange ideas on how to confront these issues both locally and globally, with a focus on action and alternatives.

Also on the 5th of June:
Action Day against War, Militarization and Torture

5. Juni 2007: Satellitenveranstaltung vor dem G8- Alternativgipfel
Feministische Perspektiven zu Migration und Welthandel
13 bis 15 Uhr, Zelt vor FRIEDA, Friedrichstr. 23, Rostock.