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Anders Leben - Selbstorganisation im Alltag

Sympathisant, 16.05.2006 01:28

"Anders Leben" ist eine neue Webplattform für das Sammeln von Informationen über Selbstorganisation im Alltag, d.h. die Möglichkeiten für eine nicht geldgebundene Organisation.

Too Many Grannies? Private Pensions, Welfare

source: The Corner House, 11.05.2006 14:34

Corner House Briefing 35
Too Many Grannies?
Private Pensions, Corporate Welfare and Growing Insecurity

by Richard Minns with Sarah Sexton

first published 1st May 2006

The Impact of Water Privatisation on Women

source: evb, 21.02.2006 13:55

Panel Participants
Marianne Hochuli, Berne Declaration, Switzerland
Krassen Stoichev, Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation
Andrey Delchev, CEO, Eurolex Ltd., Bularia
Phides Mazhawidza, GENTA/International Gender and Trade Network, Zimbabwe
Facilitator: Barbara Specht, WIDE, Belgium


European Free Arts demonstration

Lagren, 31.10.2005 21:21

European Free Arts demonstration against injustified repressions of Free Parties and Teknivals...
We demand not laws but rights!!

South Africa: struggles in Clare Estate, Durban

, 29.09.2005 17:46

An *excellent* report and discussion of the ongoing (and contagious)
struggles in Durban's Clare Estate, by Richard Pithouse.

Water at Risk in Argentina and elsewhere

source: ecoterra, 21.09.2005 15:26

reports on actions against water privatization:

Suez in Argentina, Action Day in Paris, interview with an activist in South Africa

Foreign shareholders in Argentina's private water company have decided to pull-out after months of fighting for the government to increase the rates of public utilities.

Many families risk losing water-service due to the break-down in a new proposal for the government to subsidize the transnational corporation. The Spanish company Aguas Barcelona which controls 25 percent of Argentina's water utility company announced they will leave Argentina.

Endlich wird die Arbeit knapp.

Anti-Arbeits-Kreis, 10.06.2005 14:46

Eine kurze fiktive Geschichte, die sehr anregend ist, darüber nachzudenken, warum Kapitalismus Arbeit braucht und wir deshalb immer so viel Arbeiten sollen.

March 22: World Water Day

-, 22.03.2005 15:53

Over 1 billion people don't have access to clean drinking water and over two billion people don't have access to adequate sanitation services. 10,000 to 20,000 people – mainly children – die every day from preventable, water-related diseases, as many as 5 million people die every year. Water resources around the globe are threatened by climate change, misuse, and pollution.

Syngenta Claims Multi-Genome Monopoly

ETC Group's (Action Group on Erosion, Technol, 20.01.2005 11:49

Swiss gene giant Syngenta, the world’s largest agrochemical corporation and third largest seed company (see tables) has applied for patents that could effectively allow the company to monopolize key gene sequences that are vital for rice breeding as well as dozens of other plant species.

Jugoremedija: Privatization Corruption

source: alter-EE, dnevnik, 08.08.2004 13:40

Officials of the Macedonian firm, Jaka 80, once a majority stockholder in a privatized Serbian firm, are planning to charge a number of current and former Serbian government officials with slander in a privatization deal, again, which didn’t quite meet EU standards in Serbia.

Agua para la vida, agua para la gente

source: indy argentina, 29.07.2004 23:01

En 1992 el pueblo uruguayo votó mayoritariamente en contra de la privatización de los servicios públicos, en un plebiscito organizado por los movimientos sociales. Este fue un mensaje inequívoco para el gobierno, los organismos financieros internacionales y las empresas transnacionales que impulsaban la privatización del agua. Este hito historico en Uruguay, se constituyó en un ejemplo y fuente de inspiración para los movimientos sociales de toda América Latina.

Privatization in Serbia

source: B92, conf. prep. Belgrade, 17.07.2004 17:39

Nestle and Siemens are coming

Belgrade: Privatization is responsible for the deficit of 280 million dinars in the budget of Serbia

Some Common Goods: An Afro-Colombian View

Mercedes Moya, source: The Commoner, 06.07.2004 15:47

All across the Americas, Afro-descendants have always fiercely defended themselves, culturally and politically. In all the difficult to control tropical zones of Brasil, Colombia, Venezuela, Hispaniola, Cuba, etc., thousands of runaway slaves re-founded communities and commons. Some of these communities, like the "quilombos" of Brazil and the "palenques" ("palissades" as their fortified villages were called) of Colombia, successfully resisted colonial armies for decades. The Palenque de San Basilio in Colombia was actually the first territory of the Americas to obtain a (short-lived) recognition of its independence from the spanish crown in the 18th century. Its inhabitants still speak a Bantu language.

Killer Coke Campaign

source:, 23.04.2004 18:18

Coca-Cola yesterday faced down a shareholder rebellion at its annual meeting as well as protests from human rights activists which led to one being forcibly removed...

Indians Fight Moves to Privatize Water

source: OneWorld South Asia, 23.03.2004 23:37

By Rahul Verma, OneWorld South Asia
March 23, 2004

Reclaim the Stories

SuZQ, 03.09.2002 19:03

We need to reclaim our folk heroes from the clutches of history. Here are a few...

workshop: commercialisation of education

aik, 01.09.2002 19:38

Summary of workshop: Commercialisation of education and research.
Workshop about strategy, goals and ideals of the anti-commercial academic movement.
LVC, 1-9-’02, 14:30

Strategies Against the WTO Meeting in Sydney

new kids on the bloc, 29.08.2002 02:38

The announcement that the World Trade Organisation will conduct a "mini-ministerial" in Sydney on November 14-15 has injected the autonomous left with renewed energy.

Call for solidarity with Trevor Ngwane, South Africa

-, 06.08.2002 11:49

On August 15th 2002 noted human rights activist Trevor Ngwane goes on Trial in Johannesburg, South Africa, and he needs us to put nonviolent pressure on South African embassies and consulates around the world.

Water - Agua - Eau - Wasser

a sustained campaign, 24.07.2002 14:12

Water - struggles against privatization

publish texts about water privatisation and resistance from grassroots movements here:

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