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Global Action Days

we are everywhere, 04.07.2002 15:58

Days of Global Action against Capitalism
Dias de la Acción Global contra el Capitalismo
Dias da Ação Global contra o Capitalismo
Journées d'Action Mondiale contre le Capitalisme

1998 - 2001

Honduras: Massive popular resistance

-, 30.09.2009 23:57

After military coup:

Zelaya in Brasilian embassy

Changing Perceptions: Uprising in Thailand

source:, 14.05.2009 16:02

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
The 'Voter's Uprising' that is changing perceptions in THAILAND

April 2009
Junya Yimprasert

Protests against 60 years of NATO 2009

-, 04.04.2009 17:32

60 years of NATO in Strasbourg and Baden-Baden, protests

G8 Summit 2009, Italy

-, 03.03.2009 17:42

8-10 July 2009
Protests and Demonstrations

report from the demostration the last day of the PGA gathering 08

PGA gathering report, 13.10.2008 19:02

Joined demonstration between Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish anarchists in Alexandropolis, 24.08.3008

Blockade Disrupts CP’s Olympic Spirit Train

Anonymous, 13.10.2008 01:51

Rail Blockade Disrupts CP Rail’s Olympic Spirit Train
“Six Nations and solidarity activists resist Olympic theft of Indigenous land, ecological destruction, and attacks on the poor”

Climate and Anti-racist Camp in Hamburg

-, 18.08.2008 23:48

August 2008

Klima- und antirassistisches Aktionscamp in Hamburg

Call for Solidarity with Counter-G8 Protesters

No! G8 Legal Team, 07.07.2008 07:40

Activists and organizers are asking local groups and individuals to call, e-mail, visit and protest at Japanese embassies over the unjust arrests, detentions, deportations, and repression occurring around counter-G8 mobilization in Japan.

action in front of the Mexican Embassy Berlin

carambolage collective , 21.04.2008 19:53

On 21 April 2008 in Berlin, there was a small rally in front of the Mexican embassy to protest the recent assassinations of two radio journalists, Teresa Bautista

Protests against NATO in Romania

-, 02.04.2008 14:31

Burma /Myanmar: Massive Protests, Many Killed

-, 28.09.2007 15:31

BURMA: International Solidarity needed for Burmese People

Source: ((i)), 27 Sept. 2007

Actions against GMOs and Biotechnology

various sources, 23.07.2007 17:56

in Britain, Germany and elsewhere: an action report and many links to more information

Angarsk, Siberia: Activist Killed in Attack

source: ((i)), 22.07.2007 18:51

Neo-Nazis Attack Anti-Nuclear Protest Camp

First Squat Rebil in Romania

delete the east west gap, 20.07.2007 20:32

On Friday the 6th of July a group of anarchists squatted an old "cinema" building in the city of Iasi, close to the ukrainian/moldavian borders. This first Romanian squat is named "Rebil" as an anagram for "liber" meaning free in Romanian.

Protestsommer gegen Schwerindustrie in Island

infosammlerIn, 20.07.2007 20:21

SavingIceland, die Kampagne im Kampf um die Verteidigung der wilden Natur auf Island geht ins dritte Jahr. Anfang Juli gab es eine Konferenz "Voices of the Wilderness" mit SprecherInnen aus verschiedenen Teilen der Erde ueber die oft katastrophalen folgen industrieller Grossprojekte, insbesondere der Aluminium-Industrie. Im Anschluss wurde am 9.Juli das Internationale Aktionscamp in der Naehe einer geplanten Aluminium Fabrik auf Island errichtet, von dem in den Wochen darauf Blockaden und andere direkte Aktionen ausgingen und weiterhin ausgehen werden. Am 14.Juli gab es die erste Reclaim the streets in Islands Geschichte.

G8-Summit Protests in Germany:

Robert Augman, 30.06.2007 18:31

Many people who are deeply dissatisfied with the global political and economic order do not gravitate towards progressive or social justice organizations. The rise of racist, nationalist, fundamentalist and other forms of reactionary politics emerge as responses to the global situation as well, and they compete for power and influence on the same social terrain of those on the Left. These are present in the discourses, policies and politics in struggles around globalization/anti-globalization as well, and were therefore are present in the mobilization against the G8 this year.

Protests in Halifax, Canada against Atlantica

source: maritimes imc, 25.06.2007 17:30

Oaxaca: One Year Later

source: indy, 16.06.2007 19:46

14 de Junio: Ni perdon, ni olvido!
A un ano de la represion

One Year On in Oaxaca, Mexico

Successful Blockades at G8 Summit

-, 12.06.2007 18:10

More than 10000 people were involved in blockades around the fence at Heiligendamm, Germany.
G8 is over, the struggles are not:

Das war der Gipfel: Berichte und Bilder: htp://

Police raids against G8 protest movement

-, 11.05.2007 16:23

On Wednesday, May 9th, 2007. the police raided more than 40 book shops, housing co-operatives, info centres, anti-racist initiatives in order to get hold of information on the radical anti-g8-activities. All this was justified with the alleged formation of a terrorist organisation.

Time for the World Bank to shut up shop

source: CADTM, 03.05.2007 15:41

Damien Millet – Eric Toussaint (CADTM)

The World Bank is going through the worst period of its history. Its situation has never been so precarious. Rejected by a growing number of social movements, its credibility has been further undermined by revelations of nepotism on the part of its president, Paul Wolfowitz. At the same time, it is coming under fire from several Latin American governments that are setting up a Southern Bank with radically different perspectives. Could the deathblow be on the way?

G20 Melbourne: court appearance April 2007

sources: various, 24.04.2007 17:24

G20 Melbourne November 18 and 19, 2006 - Australia

Five people were arrested in Sydney on March 15, 2007in relation to the G20 protests in Melbourne in November 2006.

The 2006 G20 meeting of finance ministers, reserve bank governors and heads of the World Bank and IMF took place in Melbourne on November 18-19. This was the most significant gathering in Melbourne of people responsible for pushing corporate-led globalisation, neoliberalism and capitalism since the World Economic Forum in 2000.

Italy: 30000 people attended anti-war protest

source: COBAS, 19.03.2007 20:38

March 17th 2007:

20000 or more met in Washington, there were protests in many different countries

Bush not welcome in Latin America

-, 09.03.2007 12:26

As President Bush is visiting Latin America, there are huge protests in many countries.

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