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A Call to Climate Action 2009

source: climax2009.org, 16.09.2008 16:33

We stand at a crossroads. The facts are clear. Global climate change, caused by human activities, is happening, threatening the lives and livelihoods of billions of people and the existence of millions of species. Social movements, environmental groups, and scientists from all over the world are calling for urgent and radical action on climate change.

On the 30th of November, 2009 the governments of the world will come to Copenhagen for the fifteenth UN Climate Conference (COP-15). This will be the biggest summit on climate change ever to have taken place. Yet, previous meetings have produced nothing more than business as usual.

Callout/Appel : Resistance 2010!

cyberspace , 15.08.2008 14:39

- No Olympics on stolen land!
- Disrupt and abolish the G8 and SPP
- Active support and solidarity for local struggles of self-determination,
justice and dignity*

Climate Actions in Copenhagen 2009

-, 08.08.2008 16:37

Un Climate Conference in Copenhagen, December 2009

First International Climate Gathering
13 to 14 September 2008

Towards Climate Action in Copenhagen:  http://www.all4all.org/2008/07/3390.shtml

see also:
Climate Camp UK 2008 in Kingsnorth:

PGA Gathering in Greece, August 2008

-, 08.08.2008 15:16

In August 2008, activists will meet in Alexandropouli, Greece.

Discussion on Global Networking

-, 08.08.2008 15:08

Diskussion zu:
den globalen Widerstand vernetzen

Climate and Anti-racist Camp in Hamburg
Klima- und antirassistisches Aktionscamp in Hamburg

18. August 2008, 18 Uhr
August 18, 2008, 6 pm.

Gathering in Europe

-, 08.08.2008 00:00

Peoples' Global Action Conference in Europe

next international preparation meeting:

PGA Gathering in Greece

Plans for Climate Summit in Copenhagen 2009

source: klimax2009.org, 13.07.2008 18:07

First International Climate Gathering
13 to 14 September 2008

Actions and Conferences on Biodiversity in Bonn

-, 09.05.2008 17:54

In May 2008, two conferences will meet in Bonn, Germany to discuss Biological Diversity. NGOs and social movements are mobilising for actions from the 12th to the 30th of May.

On May 12th, actions will start with a big demonstration.

From May 13th to 15th more than 600 participants will meet at the international congress Planet Diversity in Bonn.

The global peasant movement Via Campesina is calling for actions from the 17th to the 19th May in Bonn.


Ex Yugoslavia Infotour

source: bdn, 25.02.2008 17:13

A pga-inspired infotour

Seattle WTO Anniversary Party!

still fighting, 17.11.2007 08:13

Cuz the Power of the People Don't Stop!
Commemorate the 8th Anniversary of the 1999 WTO Protests

Ecotopia in Portugal, 4th to 19th August 2007

-, 24.07.2007 16:57

A European preparation meeting will take place during Ecotopia.

Balkans Infotour, September - October 2007

source: groups in Greece, 22.07.2007 18:41

in preparation for a European conference in Greece

No Border Camp Ukraine

source: noborderscamp.org, 22.07.2007 18:37

The camp will take place from the 11th to the 20th of August 2007 in the main region of transit and labour migration in Ukraine: Transcarpathia.

II Encounter of the Zapatistas

-, 13.07.2007 16:25

II Encounter of the Zapatista Peoples with the Peoples of the World

July 20-28

Communique of the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee - General Command of the Zapatista Army of Liberation

January 26th, 2008: WSF Global Day of Action

source: WSF, 22.06.2007 14:29

Next steps of World Social Forum

G8: Join us in Rostock to feed alternatives!

source: Via Campesina, 11.05.2007 16:12

Call of La Via Campesina, 11th of May 2007

Declaration de la Via Campesina, 11 mai 2007
Le G8 nourrit les multinationales,
Ensemble Rostock pour alimenter les alternatives!

El G8 alimenta a las multinacionales,
Juntos a Rostock para alimentar las alternativas!

G8 and Migration: Action Day on June 4th 2007

-, 04.04.2007 14:10

Call for 4th June 2007:

For global freedom of movement and equal rights for all!
"We are here because you are destroying our countries!"

Transnational call for a migration-oriented day of action in Rostock in the context of the week of protest against the G8 summit

Sharpville Day, 21 March, South Africa

-, 06.03.2007 18:07

The Anti-Privatisation Forum Gears itself Up for the Human Rights Day Protest

Forty-seven years ago, on 21 March 1960, the apartheid police force killed 69 people and injured many peaceful protesters who were struggling against the apartheid pass laws and apartheid in general. The commemoration of the Sharpville Massacre became to be known as Sharpville Day. Sharpville Day is now called the Human Rights Day, a day in which South Africa is supposed to reflect on issues concerning all aspect of human rights.


Amigos de la Tierra, 03.03.2007 15:12

We will exchange ideas, information and questions around all issues concerning water. We will participate, debate, analyze and create proposals together. We want people to come together, to flow, move, celebrate and live together, being like water.

G8 Actions 2007 in Heiligendamm

-, 27.02.2007 16:02


June 1 - Bombodrom action against planned military bombing range (Wittstock)

June 2 - large international demonstration in Rostock

June 3 - action day on agriculture

June 4 - action day on migration, small demo in afternoon

June 5 - action day against war, alternative summit

June 6 - start of official G8 summit (they think, until 8th), blockades, blockade of military airport in Laage, alternative summit

June 7 - blockades, alternative summit, demonstration, concert

June 8 - blockades, action day on climate

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